Bulk Products

Filieres vrac bandeau

Already fully functional in its early years during the beginning of last century, La Rochelle / Pallice was essentially a bulk port. It mainly received guano, from Chile, for French farms and vineyards and coal from the UK to provide fuel for households and businesses

The solid agricultural bulk is an important part of the crop and the development of the Port has obviously kept pace with that of cereal production of the Centre-Ouest region. Our grain exporter customers are users of variable inputs from farm production.

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The Atlantic Port La Rochelle imported in the 90s mainly raw materials to be processed in factories for manufacturing fertilizer. Today, the market is moving towards complex binary, ternary fertilizers or urea and this has altered the cargo movement in the Port, with finished products ready for agriculture.

In recent years, thanks to the dynamism of local operators, although animal husbandry is modest in the immediate hinterland of the Port, La Rochelle handles increasing volumes of soybean 48 or traceable soybean for the use of breeders in the region.

Industrial solid bulk is handled again from the last ten years, but it is still residual today. The site of Anse Saint-Marc with dedicated investments (grinding and bagging of cement), will allow the meeting the future needs of the region.