Heavy lift

La Rochelle's expertise

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For several years now, Port Atlantique La Rochelle has demonstrated its capacity to handle a wide range of goods, and in particular heavy cargo, the tonnage of which has increased steadily: 48,406 tonnes in 2023.

The heavy cargo sector includes the following goods: turbines, coils, ships and recreational catamarans.

Each good requires specific handling and adapted storage, both of which are now part and parcel of La Rochelle's expertise.

At the Anse Saint-Marc terminal, work is underway to build a new 250-metre quay for heavy cargo, along with a 6-hectare platform. 
The Maritime Kuhn group, one of La Rochelle’s leading operator in this sector, is known for its expertise in heavy cargo.

La Rochelle's expertise video:

Port Atlantique La Rochelle & AMLP Maritime Kuhn group,
experts in heavy cargo and conventional shipping

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The Maritime Kuhn group has also been expanding in onshore wind power for some twenty years, and in offshore wind power since February 2021.

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Exceptional transport

Facilities have been built in and around the Port to facilitate access for exceptional loads.
In accordance with the Port's operating regulations, exceptional transport is authorised in the Port provided that it complies with the routes, size limits and specific facilities provided for this purpose and specified on the reference chart below:

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Transports exceptionnels image