Super and mega yachts refit


La Rochelle is ideally situated on the Atlantic coast, offering professionalism and a pleasant living environment. Recognised tourist destination, La Rochelle is a city much appreciated by the crews.


Photo port LR2


Large-scale infrastructures

On the repair and shipbuilding site of Atlantic Port La rochelle, the dry dock N°1 is suitable for super and mega yachts refit and the operator Atlantic Refit Center, installed on the site, offers all types of refit works & services on Super and Mega Yachts including full repaint and conversion.

Photo yacht en forme

Dry dock N° 1

  • Useful length: 176 m
  • Useful width: 21,86 m
  • Dry dockging time: 6 heures
  • Dedicated storage space on the hard nearby the dock: 2 000 m2

Facilities available

  • Power supply available:
    • 1 outlet 400V 125A (3 Phase + Neutral + Earth)
    • 1 outlet 400V 63A (3 Phases + Neutral + Earth)
    • 2 prises 230V 16A (Phases + Neutral + Earth)
    • 3 outlets adjustable from 50A to 250A (3 Phases + Neutral)
  • Water supply
  • Fire-protection system

Dry dock N° 2

  • Useful length: 107 m
  • Useful width: 13,84 m
  • Dry docking time : 3 heures
  • Dedicated storage space on the hard nearby the dock: 1 000 m2

Facilities available

  • Power supply available:
    • 3 outlets 400V 125A (3 Phases + Neutral + Earth)
    • 6 outlets 400V 63A (3 Phases + Neutral + Earth)
    • 6 outlets 230V 16A (Phases + Neutral + Earth)
  • Water supply
  • Fire hydrant at dockside

250 m floating repair alongside berths: located in the sheltered waters of the inport basin.



  • A boat lift with capacity of 250 T

A secure area

Under surveillance fully ISPS code with personal badge control access H24.


A modern site, fully equipped to be environmentally friendly

Office spaces with broadband connection are available on request.


An experienced team

Atlantic Refit Center manage your refit projects and offers the full range of services dedicated to Super and Mega Yachts through a local network of hifh skilled co-contractors including:

  • Crew services
  • Marine engineering and machinery overhauling
  • Sanding, coating, lacquering & polishing
  • Aluminium & steel sheet metal work on hull & bridge structure - Piping
  • Marine electricals & wiring - Marine electronics
  • Refrigeration and air-conditioning
  • Deck fittings
  • Teak decks
  • Etc.

More information on the website :

Atlantic Refit Center  and  the brochure.