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Strengths of the Port

  • Traffic: 8.5 million tons (2023)
  • Rail traffic : 1,055 kt
  • Number of berths: 29

Port Atlantique La Rochelle extends over an area of 554 Ha of which 276 Ha on land connected to six terminals.

As we are applying a regular and planned policy on land acquisition, development of the sea front and reorganisation of available space, we are able to propose exceptional locations with high potential for the installation of industries or storage activities.

With a traffic of 8.5 million tonnes in 2023,  the Atlantic Port La Rochelle is the 6th largest seaport in France and the only deep water port on the Atlantic coast. The intensity of traffic on a compact site and speed of access can guarantee a port passage at competitive prices along with excellent facilities in a cohesive and responsive port.

The Port of La Rochelle has an access control meeting the ISPS code and a CCTV service.

Whatever your project, Port Atlantique La Rochelle offers you all the assistance you need for its implementation.


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We are the first to have created a process for making slabs with tropical woods and oak. And to develop our business, setting up in the 1st French port for the import and processing of forest products was a great solution! For its execution, the ATLANWOOD project required an investment of two million euros. To finance the building, we received significant assistance from the General Council of Charente-Maritime. For hiring, the Poitou-Charentes Regional Council supported us and to finance the equipment, we were helped by the Regional Directorate for Food, Agriculture and Forestry. The Port of La Rochelle, for its part, provided us valuable support for which we are grateful.

Director of the company ATLANWOOD

Copie de Ahmed-MANSOURI

The choice of Atlantic Port La Rochelle to set up our cement mill was obvious: availability of spaces, new port terminal with quality infrastructure and synergies with port operators.The partnership with our handler allows us to unload clinker vessels in a mechanised manner with high speeds and the greatest respect for the environment.


Operations Director of the EQIOM site in La Rochelle